Will Davidson Joins CEOHR as Vice President of Benefits

Will Davidson Joins CEOHR as Vice President of Benefits

March 29, 20210

Will joins CEOHR as the Vice President of Benefits. Bringing with him a well-rounded education in the PEO industry. This knowledge allows him to understand the intricacies the role benefits plays in a PEO.

Will is an HRO industry veteran with over 20 years of PEO experience. He has had varying executive roles in operations including information systems, underwriting, human resources, unemployment, and benefits. . In his most recent role as Director of Benefits he supervised a team of analysts and specialists serving over 600 clients. That team was responsible for the enrollment and maintenance of more than 400 ASO, PEO, and HRO client sponsored health plans, 60 retirement plans, and their ancillary plans for more than 30,000 employees nationwide.

With his plethora of knowledge CEOHR’s benefits team will be unsurpassed. Will joins our team of experts and will focus on ACA and benefit technologies to serve our growing client base needs.

A natural in the PEO industry, Will is a Florida native, born in Bradenton, FL. Bradenton is the “birthplace” of PEO on the east coast of the US.

Wheaton College is credited with inspiring his life philosophy, “the is-ness of what is implies an ought,” and drives his passion for “The Power of Song”, a 501c3 organization dedicated to non-violent social change through song, theater, and art.

At home, when he is not playing the role of chef or busy helping construct theatre sets, Will enjoys golf, tennis, and has just finished a new, DIY home in St. Petersburg.

We are excited to have Will as part of the management team. His significant PEO Benefits & Technology experience will benefit customers at CEOHR.” …Darrin J Fedder, Chief Executive Officer

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