CEOPartners Services


About CEOPartners

The insurance industry is changing. Clients are seeking more value from their agent. Premiums and commission structures are shrinking. The overall uncertainty in healthcare alone is causing many insurance professionals to consider alternative revenue sources for their agencies. In addition, more non-traditional trusted advisors than ever have entered the insurance arena. Financial institutions, PEOs, ASOs, and payroll service providers are now housing internal insurance departments, and actively pursuing your customers. CEOPartners can help. Designed in conjunction with some of nation’s largest, and most respected independent insurance agencies.

Why Choose CEOPartners?

Benefits to Your Agency

  • Places you on a level-playing field with “single source solution” sales models, and keeps other competitors at bay
  • Optional co branding eliminates client adoption fears, i.e.- they are simply adding an additional touch point with someone they trust
  • Increases client profitability by adding additional product lines and recurring revenue streams
  • Helps attract and retain customers
  • Reduces agency time and expenses
  • You retain agent of record status

Benefits to Your Clients

  • Improves return on human capital investment by reducing the amount of time spent on non-productive employee-related administrative functions.
  • Focus internal resources on core competencies and profitability
  • Dramatically reduces employer liabilities and business risks
  • Establishes predictability in operating expenses
  • Creates operating leverage
  • Reduces vulnerability to key employee turnover

“I am a firm believer in the benefits of outsourcing and have interacted with PEOs and ASOs for many years. I can say without hesitation that I have never worked with a more knowledgeable, agency friendly group of professionals. CEOPartners is a game-changer. Not only does it give me the ability to provide my clients with an outstanding service offering that can really make a positive impact on their businesses; it’s allowed me to compete, increase revenues, and further position my agency as a true trusted advisor.”

Phil Nichols, Managing Partner, HR Benefit Planners